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You’ve most likely heard of the notion that positivity can greatly impact a person’s health and overall well-being. But without experiencing it first-hand can be a somewhat challenging concept to understand. Well, with the help of scientific data, positive thinking is more beneficial than you may think.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, a positive outlook versus a negative one has been found to alter heart health. Researchers suspect people who are more positive may be better protected against inflammatory damage of stress while also helping people make better health and life decisions. Unsurprisingly, negative thoughts and emotions can weaken your immune response, so the rational belief would be that positive thoughts produce reverse effects. 

But the question remains – how can one be positive amid sickness or injury? With a history of illness myself, one of the main things I credit to my recovery is my mindset. And that encompasses the “golden treatment.” Like the allegory of the tortoise and the hare, embracing a negative mindset to solve your situation may seem like the easiest and quickest option. But adopting a positive mindset, albeit a slower process, will get you to the other side. 

To unfold this topic further, I sat down with intuitive writer Tanja Subotic who shares insight into the subject and the methods she used that guided her healing journey toward soundness and divinity. 

Realizing that I had been living fragmented and disconnected from the guidance of my Spirit, I rekindled a severed cord to my divinity, and in this sacred union, I found harmony in my thoughts that began to pivot my wellbeing from fragmented into wholeness,” Subotic discusses. “My journey toward enlightenment was forged by a series of life events that propelled me in reawakening my union with the Divine.” 

Tanja Subotic is a writer, storyteller, entrepreneur, and author. As an intuitive of Divine Wisdom, she is sharing her methods in the hopes of inspiring others to the light found in Spirit, and in the light unfold the wisdom that is innate to all human beings. For over a decade, Subotic has been dedicated to unfolding a conscious path for a greater understanding of truth concerning recovery and redemption. And now she has transcribed her learnings and discoveries all in one place: her book called The Golden Virtue.

But her path to liberation and alignment wasn’t linear. Her health journey was long and challenging before she even received a diagnosis of Lyme and autoimmune disease. For two years, Subotic was misdiagnosed which led to many unsuccessful treatments resulting in further health obstacles. 

The longer this went on, the worse her symptoms became. “What once was my everyday life and existence no longer was known to me. Everything became challenging. Much of my brain’s capacity to function and work was depleted. My pain became unbearable and I grew weaker by the day which became crippling, and more so, I had lost hope and the light I had once known in life grew further away,” Subotic emphasizes. 

Time and time again, doctors failed to provide her the help she needed, and “many times was told it was in my head,” she says. This is a harsh reality for many people. The will to maintain hope despite setbacks can feel impossible, but Subotic never let it falter. 

Upon discovery of The New York Center of Innovative Medicine, her life changed for the better. Divine providence was on her side, and after countless trials and errors, her questions were finally answered. 

Tanja Subotic“At NYCIM, medicine is recognized as an art, the art of coherency in all elements of healing. The mind, body, and spirit are all integrated collectively in the healing process. All elements are just as important for healing,” Subotic explains. The personalized treatment process allowed her to rekindle her divinity and awakened a unique understanding of the body’s ability to heal and the role that our mindset plays in it. 

“I have cultivated the wisdom to heal from multiple diseases and discord. Along this journey I have become enriched with multiple techniques and knowledge to unfold the fullest potential in developing a life of balance and harmony that continues to unfold inner essence to then create,” she explains. 

Her upcoming book The Golden Virtue sheds light on her wisdom through a healing journey, similar to the Alchemist, but a modern-day pilgrimage of a woman’s journey from darkness to light. 

Following the life of protagonist Ysabel Meyer, readers witness a watered-down version of Subotic’s personal healing experience. And between the lines are her techniques for overcoming sickness or discord. Connecting to breathing, listening to music, maintaining a clean diet, and more encompasses the methods she used to preserve balance and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Approaches mirrored in The Golden Virtue

The plight of Subotic’s health journey led her to where she is today: motivating, uplifting, and guiding others to take authority over their life to gain back health and happiness. 

“We cannot heal what we don’t know lives within us. We can heal in the light of our divinity as the wisdom needed for guidance lives in the light,” Subotic highlights, something she learned in her own writing. And once you do, you have the capacity to alter your mindset from drenched in negativity to a beacon of positivity. When you learn your mindset can be yielded as a positive force, everything changes. 

When asking Subotic what her long-term vision is, she responds without hesitation:

“My desire is to continue writing narratives that inspire and awaken the light in the soul of humanity. I am producing the labors of love in creating narratives that are meant to inspire humanity to rekindle the flame of light within their soul, awakening Spirit within and emanating the heart’s language of love and beauty.”

Like a skipping pebble on water, one person’s actions can create a ripple effect. And that’s exactly what Subotic is achieving with the allegorical undertones in her book The Golden Virtue

The time is now to take authority for yourself. Grab onto the light through the darkness with Tanja Subotic’s help and follow her on Instagram. 


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