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These 10 powerhouse ladies have been able to turn their vision into reality leaving a positive and lasting impact towards a better future. 


From revolutionizing the education industry to uncovering untapped markets – there is no better time than now to be a woman in business. Extending far beyond just workplace mobility, these women below demonstrate what is possible when you allow your passions to fuel your career, changing millions of lives along the way. In honour of International Women’s Day, we have named the Top 10 Inspiring Women that are driving meaningful change in their local, global and digital communities. 


1. Jenna Kutcher – From Humble Beginnings to Digital Media Celebrity 

A fierce advocate for dreaming big and keeping it real, Jenna Kutcher emerged from the humble beginnings of small town Minnesota as a wedding photographer with some big dreams. After her near burnout experience, Kutcher is championing women across the globe to build a business around their life, not a life around their business. 

With tried and tested methods and a blueprint for success, Kutcher is a photographer, podcaster, educator, and author with a no-limits mindset and a brand new book; How Are You Really? looking to empower women all over the world to get real with themselves and take big-time action on living their truth – on their own terms. 

Living what she preaches, Kutcher is well-known worldwide for her signature online marketing courses and top-rated podcast Goal Digger, a live-workshop style business podcast helping thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams. Jenna Kutcher – alongside top experts, is educating clients on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.


2. Natasha Graziano – The Abundance Manifestor Mogul 

“Put me in the jungle and I’ll come out wearing a suit,” proclaims powerhouse mindset coach Natasha Graziano. Ranked as the nation’s #1 Mindset Coach and ‘number 1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world’ by Forbes Magazine and Top Female Mindset Coach by Business Insider.

Rising to social media stardom from homeless humble beginnings, Natasha’s well regarded as a prestigious thought leader, coaching millions to build powerful networks, gain financial freedom and step into their business potential to live the life of their dreams. 

Both a podcast host, top author and creator of her own MBS method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity), Natasha’s on the brink of launching her second book, Be It To Become It; The Law of Attraction Explained Through Ancient Neuroscience and Wisdom later this year following her first bestseller, The Action Plan, in 2020. 

To gain daily wisdom and get the low down on her transformational online courses, MBS meditations, and soon-to-be-launched best seller join her 10.3 million followers on Instagram or tune in to the Law of Attraction podcast. 

3. Lisa Bilyeu – Unapologetically The Hero Of Her Own Iconic Story   

When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures. A classic killer action statement from housewife turned serial entrepreneur Lisa Bilyeu. Following the success of billion dollar company Quest Nutrition, Lisa became president of a Digital First Studio Impact theory, which she co-founded with her husband Tom.

Inspired by her own personal battles, Bilyeu is dominating the female personal development space with her hard-hitting interview show, Women of impact, breaking down social norms and crushing societal taboos with a vengeance. The show features women who’ve overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success, women to step up, and become the heroes of their own story. 

Bilyeu’s new book Radical Confidence; a 10 step guide to how she unpaused her life and went from zero to hero in just five years, is jam-packed with insights and practical tools for straight-up self-assessment, mastering emotions, and staying motivated. It is set to hit the bestseller bookshelves in 2022. Radical Confidence is available for pre-order now, with the addition of some sassy bonuses!

You can pre-order your copy today at Radical Confidence

4. Annetta Powell – Humble Beginnings To Millionaire Real Estate Mogul And Serial Entrepreneur

Raised among seven siblings and born to deaf parents, Annetta Powell overcame unfathomable obstacles to become the $50 million dollar real estate mogul known as “The Money Magnet.”

Fueled by a determination to show the world what’s possible, Annetta purchased her first property for $18,000 turning a profit of $24,000. Since 2002, she has purchased, renovated, and sold over 600 properties totalling $50 Million dollars in real estate sales. She’s mentored thousands in diversifying, and scaling their own portfolios. Powell owns 5 tax preparation stores known as Speedy Tax Stores, a luxury limousine company, Blitz Luxury Rental, Infinity Properties Group, The Wealth Connect, and a non-profit 501C3 supporting the deaf community. 

Climbing more than just the property ladder, Annetta’s 21 year track record of profitable successes provided her powerful insights to author three best selling books and have a thriving coaching  community called The Wealth Connect. In just a few years The Wealth Connect Live, which takes place June 10th -12th 2022 has become one of the most impactful business conventions for forward thinkers, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs in the country. 

 Follow Annetta on Instagram @annettapowell.

5. Raminder Hayre – Creating Internal Shifts Through External Force

Self-defense for the conscious dweller in alignment with crucial core values of respect, equity and inclusion, mystic-turned-lawyer, Raminder Hayre, is rewriting the rule book with her full-service brand, the.rkh. 

Emerging from her unique path of intertwining her extensive education in sociology and law with her psychic abilities and spiritual endeavours, Hayre uses her legal skills as an advocate and activist. She also provides a refreshing outlook on resolving disputes fast without the weight of a court system on your shoulders. 

Hayre, however, does provide litigation expertise in the event your best interests need defending. Adding aligned business guidance based on your energy and assessed demand to her impressive service offering, Hayre has mentored a plethora of undergraduate students and is now giving rise to the next generation of lawyers with her coaching business; providing carefully crafted skills for anyone looking to better their strategic planning and learn to manifest growth and abundance from the inside out.

Rooting her methods in conscious awareness of personal processes and experiences from a spiritual standpoint – Hayre is all about making those internal shifts through powerful external force. 


6. Guidepal – Disrupting The Influencer Industry With Authentic Recommendations

Over the last few years, services like Patreon, Substack and OnlyFans have exploded in popularity and set a new trend in the creator economy, paving the way for social media influencers everywhere to sell exclusive content to their fans. 

Two women well-versed in the art of making an impact on social platforms are Linda Karlsson, experienced in content creation and production at Apple, Vice and Google, and Shelley Mulshine, former marketing executive and influencer with a following of over seven million. Celebrating twenty years of sisterhood, Mulshine – having done sponsored brand content for years, spotted a missing piece in the puzzle of content creation. 

The new service Guidepal was born out of a calling for a new pathway for creators to earn income while sharing their genuine recommendations with their followers. Guidepal puts influencers back in the driver’s seat to create and sell guides about whatever they want, however they want. The app is set out to change the industry for the better and make creators less dependent on brand collaborations and sponsorships – while inspiring people to rediscover the world around them, away from their screens. 

A much needed tool, creators and industry experts agree on.


7. Kelly Carter – The Self-Love Educator Through Food Relationships

Kelly Carter, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Mindset Coach, and Health and Wellness Mastermind is on a mission to transform lives and free clients from toxic relationships with food. Her groundbreaking Food Freedom Nutrition and Lifestyle Program is giving power back to women and men across the globe who have been searching for solutions to sustainable weight loss, digestive issues, and much more. 

Carter experienced challenges with nutrition and weight loss early in life and knows firsthand the frustration of forging a path to healing on your own. Through her journey, she learned that in order to make lasting lifestyle change, addressing mindset and limiting beliefs is key to success. Carter is committed to supporting her clients’ goals with intensive mindset coaching, curating personalized meal plans based on their specific needs, serving them with accountability and daily connection as they walk the path to meet their healthiest self.

To transform the way you think about food, and revolutionize your life, visit


8. Rochelle de Goias-Jackman – GEM Is Where The Future Begins

Only 3.3% of TSX listed Canadian companies have female CEOs and the majority of Canada’s minimum wage workers are women. 

Overlooked and underpaid, Rochelle de Goias-Jackman is on a mission to re-defy the female narrative with her evidence-based mentorship program, GEM. A charity listed in the top 100, GEM was founded in 2012 from a vision that all young women should have the opportunity to succeed despite where they’ve come from or the adversities they’ve faced. 

Jackman lives and breathes the belief that women mentoring girls is a vital necessity in fostering the success of the next generation. GEM, an evidence-based mentorship programme, offers young women mentorship, critical competencies, scholarships, internships and social capital, while Jackman is at the helm of the creation of countless transformative experiences that give rise and socio-economic empowerment to young women long after high school graduation. 

A necessity to any company looking to empower young women, a cause worth donating to and a powerful message for women of today to give back to the younger generation – GEM is where the future begins.

9. Debbie Goodman – A Fierce Feminine Idol In The World Of Executive Search 

Well read on the topic of being an admired female advocate in a male-dominated industry, Debbie Goodman has been the brains behind the executive and leadership talent decisions of many global organisations, NPOs and VC-backed start-ups, for over twenty years. 

Shaking things up in the world of executive search since the get-go, Debbie is CEO of one of the only female-led global search boutiques, Jack Hammer, which encases Jack Hammer USA, Jack Hammer Africa, OntheBlock (executive search for blockchain & crypto companies) and Virtual Coaching Partners (leadership coaching). The Jack Hammer Group of companies has  one key goal in mind; to find – and develop – leaders who grow great companies, where everyone thrives, championing equality, mental health awareness and empathy in the workplace.

She has authored two bestselling books: “InTheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work”, is listed as a Top 10 Best Business Books, and more recently, ‘The Living Room Leader – Leadership Lessons for a Hybrid Future”, is a number one bestseller on Amazon. 

Advising a blockchain venture fund, CoinFund, and a girl-empowerment ed-tech start-up  Rebel Girls, Goodman shows no signs of slowing down her serial entrepreneurial success any time soon. 

10. Bianca Peynado – Fighting Cyber-Bullying To Save The Younger Generation

With every light, there’s a shadow lurking close behind. 

On one side, social media houses a space for connection and communication. The dark side? Cyberbullying. 

One in three young people have experienced cyberthreats online while over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet. What’s worse, students are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide if they have been cyberbullied. 

Following Bianca Peynado’s own encounters with cyberbullies stemming from her childhood years; the model, actress and entrepreneur has started a movement to overcome the atrocities caused by cyberbullying. 

Following her degree in Political Science and Government from the University of South Florida, Peynado has set out to build a strong support network in our society to improve the lives of others – all the while creating a healthier online environment through her non-for-profit organisation RoadBlock Foundation

Bianca Peynado is healing the world of online hate and building a community of love and kindness to save our future generations. 


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