A Lesson In Positivity – Arabelle Yee Has A Refreshing and Transformative Take On Manifestation

People around the world are waking up to the power of manifestation – but many of us could use guidance on how to reach our full potential in this ancient art. Arabelle Yee, the entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, and transformational life strategist, reminds us that it’s not about getting better at manifesting, it’s about manifesting better things.

Arabelle Yee

The path to a life of absolute abundance and happiness isn’t always transparent – but it’s always available for the person who is strong, resilient, and yearning for freedom. Life can be a lot of things – when we allow ourselves to get excited by the potential of our choices, it can be magical.

Manifestation is profoundly discussed nowadays. All around the world, people are waking up to this ancient wisdom rooted in both science and spirituality – while magnetizing amazing blessings into their lives.

Among the leaders of this revolutionary movement is Arabelle Yee, a transformational life strategist who specializes in collaborating with successful female entrepreneurs, is one of the best thought leaders in this movement.

In the east, her native Burma in particular, Arabelle’s teachings have absolutely taken off. It’s no surprise, considering how well her message aligns with the wisdom of eastern spirituality and philosophy.

I’ve been practicing manifestation for a while now and while my journey hasn’t always been linear, I’ve been able to attract massive growth into my life. But, just as the mysteries of the universe are infinite, so is the potential of my knowledge – there’s still so much to learn. Because I was born, raised, and live in the western world, I’m yet to learn from someone immersed in the eastern perspectives that birthed these transformative practices in the first place.

As a result, we wanted to reach out to Arabelle, to see if she could teach us a thing or two about her understanding of manifestation. It must have been the energy we were putting out, she agreed to a chat!

The following insight comes out of our discussion – from which I’m still reeling with positive energy.

I ask Arabelle what I could be doing to heighten my ability to manifest. With grace, the expert completely shifts my mindset with her powerful answer.

“I don’t think we need to heighten our ability to manifest,” she says, pausing to think. “We are all already good at manifesting. We are born manifestors. Everything that we have in our life right now, we’ve manifested it – good and bad.”

There’s divine timing to this piece of wisdom from Arabelle. There are certainly many good things going on in my life, but there are also less-than-desirable things that I want to be free from. I had thought becoming a better manifestor would bring me a solution – which has allowed me to ignore where I was holding space for the things that I did not want! I grow excited for the opportunity to shift my focus back towards all that is good.

“It comes back to just really getting clarity,” Arabelle advises me. “By getting clear on what you want, what your vision is, and what are your beliefs about life, love, and success, you open the door to start manifesting these beautiful things.”

So instead of trying to heighten my manifestations, I learned that I needed to be clearer on what it was I was calling into my life.

This flowed into a life-giving conversation around the choices that we get to make and how our mindset impacts the outcomes we draw into our life.

“If we believe we are unlucky,” Arabelle says, “our brain literally looks for things that match that belief system. I’ve learned that you have to constantly check in with yourself and question your beliefs about self, life, and people.”

What Arabelle discusses is scientifically seen in the way our brain’s Reticular Activating System works.

Arabelle has worked with many high-performing entrepreneurs, in addition to having taught almost 45,000 students in over 110 countries.

What the certified psychotherapist has learned from all of these amazing people is this:
“Based on our beliefs,” Arabelle explains, “we create these paradigms, or what you could call our reality. You’re your own world, right? You and I can be sitting right next to each other and you can be in a completely different world than me. It’s all based on what you believe about your circumstances.”

What I’m left with is this: every thought is its own manifestation.

Instead of only asking the universe for the happy life, fruitful relationships, and abundant wealth that I deserve when I am sitting down for heightened manifestation, I should always be mindful of the fact that my beliefs will always have the greatest magnetic pull for the things that will come into my life.

I went into my conversation with Arabelle hoping for life-changing wisdom on manifestation. I got this and more: a valuable lesson in positivity.

What is it that you believe about yourself? Are there things you would cease calling into your life, if you discovered you were the one manifesting them?

Arabelle Yee’s advice: “Decide. Don’t wish, think, or hope, just decide.”

I for one have decided to manifest only good things into my life, which starts by being positive in my beliefs about myself and the world.

I will definitely be diving into more of Arabelle Yee’s wisdom. For more lessons like this, visit her website.



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