Power Couple Lisa and Tom Bilyeu, Founders of Impact Theory Studios, Celebrate 20 Years Of Valentine’s Days Together With A Ground-Breaking Discussion Designed To Get Your Relationship To The Next Level

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This inspiring couple shares an inside view of how they put their relationship first, love each other, and manage to keep their marriage healthy after 20 years together. They tell-all in a special “Women of Impact” episode, The Truth About Love: This is What It Actually Takes to Have a Happy  Relationship.

Marriage is one of the most complex relationships known to humanity. It can be exhilarating, uplifting, comforting, fun, loving, fulfilling, and so much better than doing life alone. But, not everyone describes their marriage experience positively. Among the lucky ones are Lisa and Tom Bilyeu, a power couple known for their off-the-chart success with Quest Nutrition, a company they exited for a whopping $1 billion! On top of their priority list right now, however, is Impact Theory Studios, a revolutionary, digital-first studio that produces wildly entertaining, original content focusing on themes of empowerment. Together, they have created an impressive slate that has been viewed over half a billion times and built a global audience. 

In honor of their 20th Valentine’s Day together, Lisa and Tom taped a special episode covering 26 hardcore questions on what keeps their love strong and their relationship focused on what truly matters. With the cameras rolling the duo engaged in an intimate, heart-felt interchange as husband and wife. This special “Women of Impact” episode is titled: The Truth About Love: This Is What It Takes to Have a Healthy Relationship.

Utilizing a Q&A style of communication that helped them get to the 20-year mark more in love and more connected than ever, they were candidly honest, willing to ask each other the hard questions without fear of judgment. 

Lisa took the lead in asking questions, and getting the conversation started, by asking Tom: “If I were game for anything, what would a perfect day look like?” The Q&A continued with a great deal of depth and breadth as the Bilyeus moved through questions, such as:

What’s one thing I could do that can make you reconsider our entire relationship?

What is one trait you thought you wanted in a partner that I don’t have?

Would you trust me in a room full of opportunistic and flirtatious people?

Without giving too much away about this unmissable podcast, they didn’t shy away or distract one another from their lifeforce; the truth they share. They discussed deal-breakers such as cheating, weaponizing your insecurities and using it against you, and lack of trust, as well as guiding principles about prioritizing one another and placing their marriage above all else. No. Matter. What.

If you find arguments are getting in your way of romantic evenings then you can’t miss the section where the Bilyeu’s discuss disruptors and how they use them to diffuse arguments, which is brilliant! Every couple needs one of these, and it’s unlikely readers have considered such a thing. This is one of many enlightening takeaways from their conversation that will undoubtedly be crowd-pleasers.

Lisa spoke about the importance of changing and adapting to one another, allowing for the time and space to mourn losses along the way. She wisely pointed out that even when she is in complete agreement with decisions, sometimes it is necessary to grieve the loss of the way she dreamed an aspect of her life would be. Each marriage partner is worthy of feeling the fullness of feelings.

Tom shared his own need to adapt to Lisa as a successful entrepreneur. There were many years when she was a full time homemaker, and their lives and schedules look very different today. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle, and they shared how they are managing to meet each other’s needs and affirm their love for one another. “Whatever phase we are in, we address the phase and look to see what the problem is,” says Lisa. “Then, we come up with a solution to the problem.” The landscape looks very different today. Lisa’s new book, Radical Confidence goes deep on her transformation from homemaker to global powerhouse, and how the couple made the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle.

For those who are just getting to know Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, you will fall in love with this couple and desire more of what they have to offer.

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