Jasmine Ashton-Leigh Shares 5 Pieces Of Advice To Help Women Overcome Fear And Self Doubt To Create More Success In Their Life

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Jasmine Ashton-Leigh has overcome momentous feats in her life and; rather than succumbing to the pain she experienced, she turned it into power. CEO of Abundant Health and Energy Pty Ltd, Jasmine is helping ambitious women move past their underlying issues to create more success in their careers, relationships, and health.

Women all over the world are taking big strides to change male-dominated industries, and with each passing year, we’re seeing more women-run businesses and female CEOs. But there remains a disconnect between women and success, and not just career-wise.

The unfortunate truth is that so many women face underlying issues that limit them from achieving success in all aspects of their life. This begs the question, what is holding them back?

Overcoming life’s feats is no easy task, and Jasmine Ashton-Leigh knows this all too well.

Born dead with a life-threatening lung disease, Jasmine was quite literally brought into a world of hardship. Without her father, she only had her Mom to rely on and her childhood was extremely traumatic. Growing up, she experienced mental, physical, and sexual abuse, and as a result, developed severe depression and anxiety and struggled to overcome them for many years.

When her seven-year relationship crumbled and her Mom passed away from cancer, Jasmine reached a breaking point.

But with an air of resiliency, she knew she was meant for bigger and greater things and not just the hand she was dealt. Rather than succumbing to her pain and suffering, she looked through it and turned her pain into power.

Why define your future as your past if it can’t be defined? Easier said than done, but Jasmine was able to see past her trauma and learned that she had the power to change the destiny of her life with new decisions and massive aligned action.

“I invested in the world’s best coaches, courses, and training all over the globe. I studied the most advanced tools and techniques on the planet, based on neuroscience, human psychology, and human behavior, and I learned how to create lasting inner transformation and change my life for the better,” Jasmine shares.

As a result, she overcame all of her health challenges and trauma. She now lives a happy, healthy, heart-centred, strong, and empowered life, helping others to do the same.

After working with women all over the globe, Jasmine discovered why women suffer, “and a big part of this is because we are unconsciously focusing on what we don’t want, instead of what we want. We are out of alignment with ourselves and our own personal power,” she says, something she realized herself.

Before the age of seven, we don’t have a questioning faculty in our brain, so we become the product of our environment. As we grow older, our brain holds onto memorized programs and patterns from our past, making it extremely difficult to take aligned action. Our subconscious mind is a major part of our identity, so without proper guidance and help, we will continue down the same path, bringing our past into our future.

“Positive change all starts with a new decision but a decision without massive aligned action will not create a result, it will only weaken self-trust and reinforce fear and uncertainty.”

The problem women face is their fear and unhealed past trauma that holds them back from making new decisions and taking aligned action. Women are more likely to experience PTSD than men, and 5 out of 10 women experience a traumatic event in their lifetime. Broken trust or loss of control often accompanies these past events, so it’s quite common for women to remain stuck feeling fearful, unworthy, undeserving, and powerless. This leads to behaviors such as suppression, emotional dysregulation, being overly controlling, etc.

That’s where one on one coaching comes into play and can provide immeasurable help now and in the future.

Jasmine Ashton-Leigh, speaker, life coach, and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Neuro Transformation Therapy™ (NTT), and Hypnosis, is a highly qualified expert in her field. Founder of Abundant Health and Energy Pty Ltd, one of the world’s leading coaching companies, is changing the lives of countless women to help them overcome fear, achieve their goals, and create more success.

Jasmine learned how to turn her deepest pain into her greatest strength and now helps women globally break through their own suffering and gain unstoppable confidence with her online 6-week group training program, “Become Unstoppable.” 

This immersive program journeys women through the three steps required to create this level of inner transformation: 1. Heal from and release the past, 2. Upgrade, reprogram and transform your identity, 3. Develop, train and repeat until you have achieved physical and emotional mastery. 

To achieve success in all areas of your life, including career, relationships, and health, Jasmine shares 5 key principles to create lasting change:

1. Make A Decision

“Get out of your head and into your heart and make a new decision in alignment with your highest self, your heart, and what you really want, even if you’re petrified!” Jasmine emphasizes, coming from someone who’s been through the deepest pits of hell and forged her way back on top.

Positive change always starts with a new decision, and it’s not what you can do in life that creates change, it’s what you WILL do. Anyone can completely transform their life, even if they’ve had extremely traumatic and painful experiences in their past.

It does not matter how many times you’ve tried and failed because each moment is a new opportunity, and what matters is you’ve made a decision to change. 

2. Commit And Take Aligned Action 

“Commit yourself 100%. Self-esteem and confidence are developed by making strong and powerful decisions, taking massive aligned action, and pushing through fear.”

Committing to yourself is crucial to create a lasting change, and if you “get disturbed enough to want change,” then you can take aligned action, Jasmine says.

Link enough pain to staying the same and enough pleasure to achieving the results you want, so that your brain wants to shift. When you’ve shifted your brain, everything else will follow. Say “yes” now and find out “how” later. 

3. Upleveling Self-Talk  

“If you say ‘I can’t’ you close your brain off to growth and new opportunities and it only leads to despondency and often depression.”

Develop a different relationship with how you speak about yourself and your life. When you change your language from negative self-talk to positive affirmations, you allow yourself to create shifts in your brain that release old patterns from the past and open yourself up to new beginnings.

4. Consciously Create A New Identity For Yourself 

“Remember, the key to inner transformation and lasting results lies in your subconscious mind,” Jasmine reinforces, so create a massive action plan to release your past, upgrade your identity (thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), and develop yourself through repetition until you achieve the results you want. 

5. Maintain Accountability 

“Take massive uncomfortable action and set yourself up to win.” You heard her, Jasmine says the time to make a change is now!

Choose a coach/peer group with a higher standard and make sure you invest in the right guidance to ensure you achieve the results you want, Jasmine recommends. This will accelerate the pace of your success and keep you accountable for the results that you’re committed to.

“Life’s challenges have been my main mentors, and the right coaches and trainers coming along at the right time,” Jasmine says, and with the right mindset and belief in herself, she was able to change the trajectory of her entire life. 

Break free from your past and start creating the life you’ve always wanted with Jasmine Ashton-Leigh. Book a Free Strategy Coaching Call with Jasmine, worth $497, and take the first step towards aligned action. 

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