How Laura Benson Is Extending Help as a Life and Executive Coach


Our lives are moving at a much faster pace than they did even a decade ago. This has resulted in more people requiring external help to support them and guide them to more stress-free and productive lives. One of these helpful professionals assisting others is Laura Benson. She is a life coach who has helped many people overcome diverse life challenges. 

Laura has used her expertise to help many executives and employees through life transitions with training, counseling, and human resources. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and two master’s degrees, one in organizational development and the other in psychology. 

While coaching, counseling, and organizational development are crucial, Laura’s focus is to implement these through her practice. She has 20 years of experience in human resources in the private and governmental sectors. She also has ten years of training and dispute resolution experience. 

Laura currently works one-on-one with clients experiencing different transitions in life, resolving conflicts in their personal and professional lives, and implementing change in an organization or work group.

Over a thousand people have sought Laura’s services in the business and professional sectors. Additionally, she trained more than 6,000 students in live seminars on interpersonal communication, managing emotions at work, and now online.

Laura is skilled at advising her clients on various issues, such as their careers, dealing with heartbreak, being a single parent, handling divorce, and any other life challenge. She also supports clients dealing with financial issues. 

In her executive coaching sessions, Laura conducts a four-step process. The first, known as orientation, helps the client determine if Laura is a good fit for them. In the second step, she focuses on getting to know the client better. The third step is to develop a plan and find a way to effectively implement it. The fourth step is a consistent and ongoing maintenance plan. 

Laura believes in staying in touch with her clients until they find a way to handle each situation themselves. Until the basic goals are achieved, she remains available and ensures any adjustments can be made to the plan if the desired results are not achieved.

She advises others to remain calm during periods of despair and seek help when required. Sometimes, many of us continue to sustain toxic relationships, which is why understanding our patterns are important. Laura is an expert at dealing with these situations and can guide others to make smarter decisions. 

Accepting that you need help and making an effort to seek it is a courageous move. Laura- appreciates this bravery and advises others to reach out to her if they need guidance. She promises to be emphatic, understanding, and gentle with anyone who wishes to talk to her. Laura’s introductory calls are free as she wants her clients to feel comfortable. 

Laura has helped thousands of people and looks forward to helping more. If you are looking for someone to assist you as a life coach or an executive coach, schedule your free life path assessment here: Free twenty-minute life path assessment. 


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