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Big Change Makers (BCM) is an online platform that empowers people to change the world. The program is spearheaded by co-founders Amanda ‘Kazzy’ Cryer and Mel Wymore, who, along with an array of notable change-makers, works with social impact entrepreneurs and businesses to be effective agents of global well-being. Join BCM as they prepare to support you with tools guaranteed to maximize your impact and influence for the greater good.

Do you think the world will be a better place in the next decade? Can we end hunger, homelessness and poverty, halt climate change and achieve equity and dignity for all? Given the broad array of global challenges we face, what are the chances a better world will be really achieved? The answer, of course, relies not only on our desire to see better times. It’s not a matter of governments working in silos to find solutions. It depends on our ability – the ability of each of us – to work effectively together to bring our vision into reality.

How can we, as ordinary individuals, contribute to the greater good? As we grow up, we tend to be told that we are limited in what we can and can’t do in the world. As adults, we spend millions of dollars on programs to rebuild our confidence, develop strong relationships, attain personal wealth, or find fame. Few have the bandwidth to focus beyond their own lives.

But sometimes when we have a dream, something we are passionate about, we become willing to take risks and do something bold. For Amanda Cryer, co-founder of Big Change-Makers (BCM), that’s exactly what happened.

“I always had this burning desire to raise my voice for the underdogs; people who are oppressed or are struggling with things like mental health or basic living necessities,” says  filmmaker and social impact influencer Amanda ‘Kazzy’ Cryer. “When I recognized the innate power I possessed to make a difference, I realized that I could be a catalyst for change.” 

During the pandemic, Cryer and her team of empowering mentors realized the critical importance of unity. And so they decided to come together to co-create an organization that would empower people to be effective agents of change. Here, individuals would learn how to design, develop and implement social impact projects to maximize their positive impact by addressing systemic issues and taking their projects to scale.

“Working on our own self-development is critical because it allows us to see things differently. But it’s not sufficient for global change,” says Cryer. “Once we find our passion and purpose in life, many of us stop. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there is real power in passion. So, why not create a global impact?”

Even though we are driven to self-development first, the change-over into world development has yet to see much progress. And for Cryer, the idea that the world will be a better place may seem a bit unrealistic thanks to our global news and media outlets. 

Day after day, we witness adverse events splurge on our screens. And the world growing backward – is all we know. But the pessimists and ‘doomsayers’ who stand firmly with the idea that the world can’t get any better – may need to benchmark their thinking for now. BCM is here to change this dynamic by supercharging our generations to come.

“It’s important to consider whether we’re part of the solution or the problem. And part of that involves us looking at what we’re consuming with our eyes and ears,” says Cryer. “Do we involve ourselves in conversations that have to do with divisive narratives? Or are we involving ourselves in conversations that are about uniting humanity?”

More often than not, over the past years, media outlets have made extensive use of shocking images or devastating news titles to grab the attention of the audience. Lately, though, we have seen a shift in the media landscape. Nowadays, it seems positive media is gaining traction as a valid currency – but on a much smaller scale.

When the talk shifts to the dangers of a single story, Cryer brings up the example of solving world hunger. We are all aware of people who are starving in the world. But the reality is that these stories are not the whole truth. “We never address the food system that leaves people out, the ones that make food not affordable,” she says. “Our actions to make a difference need to incorporate both effects and causes. We don’t want band-aid solutions only anymore, but simultaneously we must address the underlying causes otherwise nothing changes or lasts.”

It is up to us as media consumers to consider what information we want in our life, and it’s the responsibility of media makers to keep us aware of our choices. Ultimately, the stories we see will frame our reality and how we react to the rest of the world. As a result of this, we’re either disempowering people to take action to make a difference, or we’re empowering them to know that they’re the ones to make that difference.

You see, so many of us want to make a difference but feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or resigned by what we see. But if each of us had the tools to effect significant and lasting change, imagine what our world development would look like if we move from survival and competition to achieving universal well-being.

“As someone who’s worked in media for more than 20 years, I feel a responsibility to create new narratives that unite people instead of dividing us,” explains Cryer. “We need to shift the default message to one that focuses on our strengths, happiness, and values – a message that leads us to something bigger. How do we do this? By stepping out.

People always look for the shortcut, the hack, but if you take the easy road, it won’t take you to where you want to be. Reaching goals and overcoming obstacles, and being the best version of yourself will not happen by itself. 

It will take commitment, humility, and drive to start planting your seeds on this planet we call home. And each of us has an innate ability to make a difference by connecting our sense of purpose to universal values – like dignity and compassion for ourselves and all others.

“And so moving people from resignation into recognizing that they have the innate ability to be a massive change maker on a global scale is where we start working with people,” says Cryer. “We are deeply focused on activating the inner capacity of leaders to create lasting change. Once people recognize this about themselves, they become unstoppable and realize that they are indeed powerful.”

If you are an emerging change maker who wants to learn how to create lasting, meaningful results in your community, business, and the world, let BCM support you. The platform is an educational and leadership organization created by systems engineer and impact strategist Mel Wymore and social impact influencer and filmmaker Amanda ‘Kazzy’ Cryer. They offer a set of perspectives and tools to design projects that address and tackle root causes, not just symptoms.

For 15 years, Cryer and her team have coached, mentored, and worked with hundreds of people (in developed and developing countries), ranging from people in media (including celebrities) and community activists, to major corporations and organizations. 

“Since 2009, I have practiced the Conscious Full Spectrum Response (CFSR) framework developed by my mentor and colleague Dr. Monica Sharma (former Director of Capacity and Leadership Development at the United Nations) in systems shift language and transformative dialogue in media,” shares Cryer. “The CFSR is a unique response model based on extensive application and has generated sustainable results worldwide.”

Ultimately, change in yourself can make quite a difference to all. And everyone you come into contact with allows you to make a difference in the world around you. You see, to be a changemaker, opinions are not what will change the world. It’s love. It’s compassion. It’s unifying humanity. 

You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. And after you click out of here today, you will only ever have two choices: love or fear. Choose love. Don’t ever let fear turn you away from what you desire most in this world. Begin to see yourself as an opening for the universe for you to move through, to work through – to make a difference in life. 

If you are ready to take the next step in creating lasting change at a national and global level, let BCM be your guide.

For more information, visit their website; Big Change Makers, or register for their program to become part of a world that is on a mission to change over 1000 generations and beyond.


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