Founder of Ultimate Confidence, Agata Galuszka Is Empowering Women Globally Like Never Before

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Who are you, as a woman?

Are you now, or have you been, in a toxic or abusive relationship that has filled you with self-doubt and left you living in survival mode?

Perhaps you were the smart girl who stayed quiet in the back of the class, while the rowdy, not-so-smart boys got all the attention, and you’ve carried that habit over into your work life.

Maybe you were raised by someone who made you feel that you were never accomplished enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough, because they struggled with their own feelings of inadequacy.

Probably, you are one of the millions of women who have been socialized to believe that their role is always to be a supporting one. You don’t know who you really are beyond being a wife, mother, daughter, or employee. You put everyone else’s needs before your own. You don’t remember what you once dreamed of or what made you happy. You stifle your own voice. You downplay your talents. You qualify what you have to say with words like “just”, “only” “excuse me”, or “I may be wrong, but…” You apologize too much just for taking up space in a room – or in the world.

Here’s the thing; almost every woman I know would say at least one of these things describes her. There are a million tiny ways that women find themselves dismissed, used, belittled, or otherwise unempowered, and it is so “normal” that we forget to fight it.

Agata’s Story

Agata Galuszka found herself in just that kind of place. She was in an abusive marriage and was in business with that same man. Agata says, “Although my life had spiraled out of control, to the outside world, I had a perfect marriage, a successful business, and a happy life. I was drowning under the weight of the illusion I had created.” She was missing out on her full potential. She was living in survival mode.

Agata tried to pull herself up by her bootstraps, with not much luck. She found herself lying about the truth of her situation, even to her therapist, and struggling to ask for help. It wasn’t until she worked with a mentor that she was able to find her confidence again. She found what she needed to complete her master’s degree. She landed a prestigious job as a Director of HR and People Development. She loved this work so much that she translated it into 1-on-1 coaching, to help gift other women with the empowerment that her mentor had given to her. Agata says, “It took me years to unlearn everything society had taught me about what it means to be a woman, and even longer to understand that the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

Agata has since written books and blogs on Women Empowerment and, ultimately, created an online school just for women who want to break out of those toxic patterns of self-doubt and diminishment and have the lives they truly want and deserve.


A Global Mission

Famed life-improvement and business guru Tony Robbins has said, “If you want to change your life, you have to raise your standards.” This truth is no truer than for women. Agata wants to be “the Tony Robbins of women”. Why is it that all the most successful self-help “experts” are men? And how are women supposed to find relatable information in their teachings, when they do not experience the same challenges? Agata wants to be a Tony Robbins-level, global speaker to women, about her very relatable life experiences and everything that she has learned. She wants to impart practical, actionable techniques to as many women as she can possibly reach. To that end, Agata has created online academies for women, leveraging the world wide web to speak to women across the globe.

Ultimate Confidence

“We do so much more to sabotage our own happiness than we do to increase it.” Agata founded Ultimate Confidence, and created Confidence and Financial Independence Academy, to be a go-to tool for women to increase their happiness. Launched on the Kajabi website, the course is organized and user-friendly. Several modules contain very focused videos and transcripts. Ultimate Confidence is “first aid for women”. All women deserve confidence, independence, and the ability to improve their lives from a place of peace, not just survival.

A sustainable solution for self-improvement, once you enroll in the course, the information is yours to reference for a lifetime. Agata notes that, “People don’t take action after seminars; they need access to notes [or] modules.” and that, “At the end of the day, long lasting change requires action.” With the free Kajabi mobile app, modules and exercises will be conveniently at your fingertips. It is almost like having a psychologist on call.


What you can accomplish

Agata doesn’t promise miracles. It will require work. However, what Agata has learned is that women rarely lack the knowledge, talent, or motivation to get the things they want in life. What they typically lack is confidence. With that confidence and Agata’s roadmap, you can get all the things that you want and deserve in life. You can get a better job. You can start the business you’ve always thought about. You can have healthy and fulfilling relationships. Each new step forward that you take, with confidence, will just lead to the next step, and the next.

“In just a few months’ time, you will have shifted your beliefs about what’s possible for you and dropped all the baggage from your past that’s been weighing you down and preventing you from living life on your own terms!” –Agata Galuszka




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