You Need To Know These 7 Promising Indie Baseball Podcasts

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Baseball is a big deal. And, as you probably already know, there are a lot of podcasts about it.

Now that Spring Training has sprung, and the World Baseball Classic for 2023 is in full swing, it’s time to find the best baseball podcasts we can.

There are big hits like ESPN’s Baseball Today and Fox Sports’ MLB Live, but there’s also a huge community of independent podcasters who are passionate about baseball and looking to share their love with you. That’s what we’re here for. It’s what we do.

DiscoverPods is dedicated to helping you find great podcasts on just about any topic you could possibly imagine.

Why Independent Podcasts?

Why did we want to look at baseball podcasts that are independent, or at least smaller? Because it fits right in with the culture of baseball. Sitting down to watch the World Baseball Classic, it’s phenomenal to see the backgrounds of players from different countries. How they got to play in this tournament, and what it means to them.

Getting to the Majors

There’s also the idea that getting to the majors, as in the MLB, can happen in a number of different ways. Unlike professional football, where there’s really only one serious path, college, then the draft, baseball is completely different.

Even if you’re drafted out of high school or college, you don’t immediately find your way to the big leagues. Getting to the show means you’ve likely come up through a team’s “farm system” where there are different levels and teams before you’re finally ready for “the show.”

Podcasting is much the same. It’s easy to set up a podcast. Getting the hardware for a podcast can be had for less than $100. It feels like there is some kindred philosophy between getting to the majors in baseball, and podcasting.

It feels very grassroots.

The Best Independent Baseball Podcasts

Now, baseball may be America’s pastime, but it’s played at so many levels and in so many areas, that this list is going to be an unordered list. These aren’t ranked but just mentioned so you can add them to your podcast app.

There’s a good chance we’re not going to feature a podcast that focuses on your team of choice, but remember, that’s okay. We’re supporting and discovering independent podcasters that you ought to be listening to.

But it’s baseball, so let’s argue about it on twitter @discover_pods. Arguing is half the fun.

The Schoch Factor

College baseball podcasts often get overlooked. The Schloch Factor is looking to change that.

College baseball doesn’t get enough love in my humble opinion. Maybe it’s because they’re playing with aluminum bats a lot of the time people don’t take it seriously enough? I don’t know.

What I do know is that host Stephen Schoch (along with Jake and Jordan) absolutely take it seriously. This baseball podcast comes off as guys just shooting the breeze and talking about the love of the game. And no topic is off-limits.

Plus, I’ll agree, watching baseball in a football stadium is weird, but as San Diego fan, we did it for years with the Padres… so live with it?

The Just Baseball Show

This is one of those baseball podcasts that absolutely has to be in your rotation. They cover every aspect of the game, and the surrounding culture. Baseball trading cards? Absolutely. Baseball gambling? Yup, but only responsibly. Fantasy baseball? You know it.

This is the self-described “flagship” show for, and the work that goes into the production is nothing short of amazing. The hosts, Peter Appel, Jack McMullen, and Aram Leighton put out a show five days a week. That’s a full time job people, and it shows.

Just Baseball may not be as ramshackle as some other podcasts on this list. But they aren’t ESPN or Fox Sports, so they make the list.

The Infinite Inning

If you love the game of baseball, and you enjoy intelligent, but fun and funny discussions about it, then this is the podcast for you. The hosts are not only well-versed in the minutia of the sport, but they inject their personalities into the program and make it unique.

The Infinite Inning is a long-form discussion of baseball and its place in American culture. The show’s rotating crew of hosts and guests tackle everything from the origins of the sport to its most modern developments, using stats, anecdotes, digressions, explorations of writing, and fandom.

It has a good dose of philosophy about the game which I found an interesting inclusion. Interesting and welcome. After all, in a 162 game season, you’re going to need to find a lot of meaning in failure. A skill unto itself.

Baseball Dads Podcast

You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy this baseball podcast.

The premise of the show is host Paul Reddick interviewing parents, as well as professional players, about the best and worst of training. Playing through injuries, rubbing some dirt on it, and moving on.

Our culture reveres sports, for better or worse, and that’s something every parent is going to have to deal with at some point. Even if you aren’t a parent, as anyone in the culture, you’re going to deal with how hard someone pushes themselves for what is ultimately your entertainment.

On the flipside of the coin is seeing how hard players work and how that work ethic can trickle down to us little guys just watching the game and trying to grind out our own path. A very interesting take on baseball podcasts.

Baseball is Dead

I’m making an editorial call to say Draft Kings counts as independent. Again, they aren’t owned by Mickey Mouse, at least I don’t think they are, so I’m going with it. After all, this show is awesome.

People have been calling it for years. Baseball is dead. It’s slow. Unexciting. It needs a clock, bigger bases, and fewer timeouts to move faster and improve the offense. Hey, everyone, that’s our short attention spans and being too busy. That’s not a problem with the game.

Which is why I love this show. Jared Carrabis is on a mission to embarrass those who have said the game is dead. And I’m along for the ride. You should be too. Just listen to this rant about the game clock and you’ll be hooked.

The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

Here’s another baseball podcast I absolutely love because the premise is so much different than what you normally get with a bunch of ex-players sitting around talking about the game. No no my dear readers, if you aren’t listing to the Baseball Bucket List, you need to start immediately.

On each episode, the hosts talk to a fan about their favorite baseball experience, their memories, their bucket list wishlist, and simply, what baseball has meant to their lives.

We don’t often think about it, because we’re buried in stats, trade rumors, salary negotiations, and the game in general. But baseball is tied to other memories and experiences. I was there when Barry Bonds tied the home run record*. You just don’t forget this stuff and it’s really interesting to hear other people’s experiences with the game weaving itself into life.

Baseball History 101

Even if you’re the most ardent fan who is sure they know everything there is to know about the game of baseball, this is one of those baseball podcasts that you need to listen to anyway.

Patrick DeVault and Matthew Carter pull back the cover on the game and really get into the weeds. But the little, singular, moments of the game are what make it special. They’ll cover something as specific as Bobby Thompson’s 1951 home run in game 3, or something as broad as the implications and history of Little League in America.

It’s one of those baseball podcasts that isn’t so concerned about the statistics and the business of the game. It’s more about the love of the game and how it finds its way into our lives.

Noticing a theme here?

Promising Independent Baseball Podcasts

Creating a podcast is for everyone. In fact, everyone should create a podcast. It helps get your thoughts together and out there to the world.

Baseball podcasts aren’t limited to ESPN and Fox. Now they make fine podcasts, but there are some real gems in the independent space. In fact, I’m going to throw another one at you right here in the conclusion because I’m a born and raised Padres fan.

I’m talking Padres Hot Tub.

Yes, I’m taking a little bit of editorial liberty, but as long as you’re not a Dodgers fan, you are going to love that baseball podcast. Plus it will show you how to have fun creating your own show.

It’s easy to get caught up in the corporate baseball podcasts, but you really should give these 7 (possibly 8) promising independent creators a shot. It’s only 7, so go ahead and let us know what you think.

Now, I’m off to watch the World Baseball Classic.

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