This Is What Aquarius Risings Are *Really* Like

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Welcome to the weirdo zone! We’re talking about Aquarius Risings, so release your notions of normality and be prepared to see some odd behavior.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that’s traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn and in modern times is ruled by Uranus. If you’re not familiar with Aquarius’s story, it’s a doozy. Basically, Cronus (aka the Greek equivalent to the Roman god Saturn) ate all his godly children (except for Zeus) because he wanted to maintain his power. Fortunately for the baby gods, Zeus was spared, and in turn, he cut his father’s stomach open, freeing his siblings. Aquarius symbolizes Cronus’s willingness to maintain power as well as the shortcomings that would lead a god to want to sabotage his own to secure his position.

All this means is that Aquarius surely isn’t a sign to be played with. Aquarius Risings are absolute oddballs who definitely come off as chill, but if you ever get in the way of their purpose, then you should expect for them to respond with a quickness. Thanks to their modern ruling planet Uranus, the planet of chaos and the rebellion, Aquarius Risings are no stranger to feeling confused and cornered. As a result, much of an Aquarius Rising’s existence is dedicated to maintaining order and making as much sense of the world as they can—especially if that means making a world for themselves to live in. Their community is everything to them, and best believe they’ll have no problem fighting to protect it.

What is your Rising sign?

Unlike your Sun sign, which is determined by your birthday, your Rising sign is determined by the time you were born. To get specific, it’s determined by which zodiac sign was on the eastern horizon when you were born, and it changes every two-ish hours. You can be an Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising, Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Rising, Taurus Sun and Aquarius Rising—you get the idea. If you don’t know your Rising sign, grab your birth time (or your best estimate) and head to a free birth chart calculator.

The Aquarius Rising Basics

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus

Represented by: The water-bearer

Best personality traits: Intelligent, creative, open-minded

Worst personality traits: Stubborn, cold, aloof

Aquarius Rising celebrities: Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Khloe Kardashian, Selena, Zendaya, Carl Jung, Lionel Messi

Aquarius Rising’s Personality Traits

Aquarius Risings walk through the world with an unconventional mindset—cliché, I know, but it’s true. If the crowd goes left, Aquarius Rising goes right. Now, don’t get me wrong: Aquarius Risings love to rep their set, but as a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, they can be aloof (like Aquarius Moons) and self-righteous (like Aquarius Suns). It goes without saying that some Aquarius Risings—not all, but some—could benefit from learning how to acknowledge when they’re wrong (this is coming from a Sagittarius, LOL).

The Aquarius Rising mindset is actually far more affectionate and kind than people give them credit for. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, after all, and that shows up in Aquarius Risings’ daily life. They are continuously showing up for the people they care about, taking the time to hold the woes and stresses of their kinfolk.

However, Aquarius Risings may come off as aloof and standoffish because they recognize that listening to people usually comes to an enormous amount of weight. They know all too well that showing up for people is a commitment! For an Aquarius, there is no making a promise to someone and then letting them down by ghosting. Even though Aquarius is notorious for fading away when they no longer want to be around, usually it’s for a valid reason. Sorry not sorry, Aquarius Risings have so many people and tasks to tend to that they can’t surround themselves with energetic vampires.

Bottom line: Aquarius’s unique POV makes them wonderful to have around, especially if you’re starting a major project or inciting a personal revolution—but not so much if you’re trying to reinvent the sundial (get it, Rising sign?).

Aquarius Rising’s Learning Style

Aquarius Risings are inward learners, preferring to teach themselves as opposed to having others tell them how to think. Calling them independent leaders is an understatement. They take their time to research their ideas to find others who will back what they’re thinking.

Even though some Aquarius Risings are hesitant to collaborate with people outside of their reality bubble, it’s when they do service for others that their minds expand with new knowledge. In many cases, Aquarius Risings learn by being the first person to do something, which in many cases can lead people to think that they’re the “weirdos” of the group. Even if an Aquarius Rising is coming with a strange idea, usually it’s something that’s innovative. And if their idea kicks off, they often get the reputation of being a genius in some form or fashion. When an Aquarius Rising is not acting from a place of high self-esteem they might fall into the trap of confirmation bias, meaning they will only seek out and accept information that reinforces their beliefs– even if it’s wrong.

Aquarius Rising in Relationships

There’s a stereotype that Aquarius energy doesn’t make for a loyal or a proud partner—but if you’re arguing this, you might have been the problem! In friendship, business, and love, Aquarius Risings take their social relationships very seriously. In their own way, they will fight tirelessly for the people they care about, summoning revelations from dreams and becoming masterful researchers if need be. An Aquarius Rising will have no issues putting you on a pedestal and celebrating all your achievements. They want someone to root for and believe in, and it makes them feel good to have someone they can be proud of.

Spontaneous, fun, and lighthearted, Aquarius Risings thrive when they are in partnerships that enable personal freedom and independence. If they seem standoffish, it’s probably because they’ve overexerted themselves—try not to take it personally. To maximize your relationship, consider what you can do for Aquarius Rising as opposed to just accepting what Aquarius Rising can do for you.

Look at their friend group, and you might notice something: They tend to gravitate toward creatives, performers, artists, and people who are famous in their field. Long story short, Aquarius Risings have a very diverse network of people, and that helps them accomplish many of their aims. If you need to get in touch with a public figure to support your cause, don’t hesitate to call an Aquarius Rising. Chances are, they know just the person who will volunteer their time for a benefit or a social event.

Aquarius Rising in Love

Can you say “come curious”? If you can’t, it’s because you haven’t had an Aquarian lover yet! Aquarius Risings are especially inquisitive—they find pleasure in experimentation and will always find a reason to cook up a romantic concoction. In the beginning, Aquarius Risings will approach you with a cool or quirky disposition, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out if they’re flirting. Expect significant eyebrow raises, peculiar smirks, and nonchalant sighs that actually mean they are enjoying themselves (unless the sigh ends with a glare—pay attention to their face!).

An Aquarius Rising in love is a fun experience. They will become naturally inquisitive, and they’ll want to know about your hobbies, interests, and worldview. Then they’ll take all the information you give them to discern if you two will be a match. No worries, Aquarius Risings are actually quite understanding and willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. So if you slip up, they’ll usually ask you even more questions to fully understand your intentions.

Once an Aquarius Rising knows that they can trust and depend on you because they respect your character, you’ll begin to see their goofy and funny side. Contrary to their sometimes serious disposition, Aquarius Risings can be total goofs when you really get to know them, and they have an adorable side that’s worth waiting to witness.

Make sure you’re truthful with them—if you try to deceive an Aquarius Rising, their friends will sniff out your deception! They are very loved people, and their angels are always guarding over their feelings. Aquarius Risings tend to surround themselves with creativity. While they prefer to avoid the camera, when they are in love with you, you will become their muse.

Aquarius Rising’s Friendships

Aquarius Risings tend to be surrounded by superstars, which doesn’t necessarily mean their friends are putting themselves in the spotlight. Here’s how it starts: Aquarius Risings are drawn to—and attract—diverse groups of people. For this reason, they get exposure to things, practices, and mindsets that people wouldn’t usually be aware of. As a result, they naturally follow their interests and meet even more people who pique their interest. By attending networking events, socializing, and schmoozing, Aquarius Risings usually get to meet people that are trendsetters and experts within their discipline.

Aquarius Risings can have fairly high standards for friends, especially because they want to be surrounded by people who are able to help them learn. Being a bit suspicious and minorly skeptical of new knowledge, Aquarius Risings feel a sense of ease when they are able to have leaders within their inner circle. If you ask me, it’s all a part of their master plan to develop a member-sustaining cult.

Aquarius Rising at Work

Aquarius placements are extremely hard workers. When they commit themselves to a mission, they’re all in. Emphasis on mission, by the way: Aquariuses are unlikely to pledge themselves to people, even those they appreciate, admire, and respect. They know everyone is fallible and would rather dedicate themselves to a project or cause than a boss. As a result, Aquarius Risings tend to have a certain kind of detachment at work that helps them make it through this capitalistic society. Yep, you heard me: Out of all the Rising signs, Aquarius Risings are most likely reading Karl Marx in their cubicle and thinking about paths to structural equity.

Aquarius Risings are thought leaders who can be a little ahead of their time. They’re quick-witted and impatient, bringing the best ideas to meetings and then getting bored when they have to spend the next hour hearing everyone’s bad ones. Don’t expect Aquarius to do any micromanagement though—they believe in community, but they also believe that you should be able to find your own way.

These water bearers also tend to gravitate toward caring professions, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you learn that the director of a nonprofit or your local community organizer is an Aquarius Rising! Aquarian values = holding spaces for the underdog and standing up for people who are marginalized. They are so caring, even to a fault. Aquarius Risings truly value making the world a better place.

It’s important to understand that more often than not, Aquarius Risings always have work in the back of their mind. That doesn’t mean they are always thinking about work, but the experiences they have with friends and family inform their labor. You’ll also find that they very much represent whatever career they are in. They are one of those types of people who make their career a big part of their identity, which isn’t always a bad thing! Their passion is very appealing.

Aquarius Rising at Home

One word, many meanings: cozy. You may not suspect this from an Aquarius Rising, but they prefer to dwell in comfortable spaces. Expect to see leftovers in the refrigerator and their favorite snacks in the cabinet—sounds basic, sure, but did you know that Aquarius Risings have their astrological house of “home” in comfy Taurus?

In fact, home is when Aquarius Risings truly come alive. Their homes may never be ridiculously spectacular; however, they do everything they can to make their domain feel like their kingdom. Plants, aquariums, and unique furniture can adorn an Aquarius Rising’s space. It’s likely that they’ll incorporate their love of natural living into their homes, like with an indoor compost or a water purification system. They are forward-thinkers, and they value practicality over all.

Don’t be too shocked if their room has at least one house plant, but it’s probably one you wouldn’t expect—like a Venus flytrap or a Nepenthes alata pitcher. What can I say, Aquarius likes weird things, and Aquarius Risings find what’s odd to be what’s comfortable!

One important feature to note about Aquarius Risings is once they are used to a particular way of living, there’s no going back! That means that after they’ve found the perfect weighted blanket, they’ll always need access to their little luxury. They aren’t the type to be particularly wasteful, but they are very big on comfort. There’s no going backward once they’ve experienced the finer things in life!

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