Spiritual Coach, Kara Roberts Shares 5 Expert Steps On Building Self-Confidence So You Can Embody Your Higher Self

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Limiting beliefs and past traumas are all familiar experiences for Kara Roberts, but with the support of her family, great mentors, her spirit guides, and the decision to work on herself, she moved through her own darkness and made it her mission to help others see their divinity, shine their inner light and reconnect with their higher selves. 

Childhood trauma is sometimes overlooked, and what may appear to be a non-traumatic incident to an adult is quite the opposite for a child. Bob Proctor discussed that as infants and young children, our subconscious mind is wide open, taking in everything around us. This creates our paradigm; a paradigm is a combination of thoughts, habits, and patterns that control almost all of our habitual behavior. As we grow up, we emit and attract to us what is in harmony with that paradigm. Because Kara Roberts experienced trauma as a young child, she was unconsciously attracting things that aligned with that old paradigm. 

As a clairvoyant, “I can pinpoint where trauma or disease lies energetically in the body and can help remove these suppressed emotions and then support my clients with methods to help them clear it in their minds,” Roberts explains while utilizing her gifts to assist those overcoming grief, loss, and hardship. Closure is something many struggle to deal with, but with the help of Roberts, she provides that reassurance to begin the recovery journey.

Kara Roberts is the Top Spiritual and Mindset Coach in Canada and the founder of her coaching company, Her Intuition, which teaches holistic and practical methods to help people all around the world develop an empowered mindset so they can connect to their highest potential and live a life that truly fulfills and inspires them. She is also Natasha Graziano’s head mindset coach and was quickly promoted after a few short months. 

Roberts’s ability to positively impact everyone she comes in contact with, whether in person, over the phone, or on zoom, has led her to become a top coach for Natasha Graziano’s upcoming event Be It Until You Become It Mastermind, a two-day event Friday, August 26-27th from 9:00am to 5:00pm in LA. Learn all the secrets, hacks, and tips from Natasha herself and get press for your business in a top-tier publication. The Platinum option offers in-person mentoring with Natasha, access to the eight-week online authority accelerator mastermind, live training commencing September, a showreel, two bonus programs, and personal mentorship and coaching from Roberts throughout the event. 

Roberts has served thousands of people through her 1:1 coaching experiences, live seminars, workshops, Masterminds, and Masterclasses and will soon be speaking on stages all around the world, sharing and teaching her passions. 

“My mission is to raise human consciousness and elevate the vibration of this planet through the methods and teachings that have helped me,” Roberts shares. A few of her methods include visualization meditations, breath work, mindset rituals, movement, affirmations, chakra realignment, aura cleansing, channeling, and learning how to become emotionally connected to your desired outcome.

Roberts helps women embody their true selves by teaching them the 5 Pillars to Activating Self Confidence, listed below, so they can learn how to establish soul-aligned boundaries and take action on what they want in their life. 

  1. Taking Radical Responsibility To Build Self-Awareness 

Understanding where you’re at in life and why you’re there is the first step. Becoming honest with yourself will help you take ownership of your life to begin to be in power. You have the choice to decide what your position is and it’s crucial that you make that decision. 

  1. Elevating Your Mindset By Choosing Empowering Language

Words are our wands and the words you say when talking to and about yourself, your life, your results, and how you talk about others will come into your reality. Roberts helps people use words that are elevating, empowering, expansive, and supportive of their life visions.

3. Creating Your Higher Self Blueprint: Becoming The Next Level You

Deciding who you want to be and then being that person is a crucial step in Roberts’s self-confidence process. Start by envisioning your dream life and get emotionally involved with the visions. Confidence comes from competence and to feel more confident about something, you have to immerse yourself in it by visualizing, learning, practicing, joining groups like the mastermind, and deciding to be that next level you. 

  1. Establishing Boundaries And A Circle Of Influence 

Roberts helps you establish soul-aligned rules and guidelines that serve your mental health and energy. Learning to say yes and no on your own terms is a key aspect of building self-respect, self-confidence, and inner trust. 

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. You MUST begin to ask yourself if you’re hanging out with people who bring your average up or bring your average down,” Roberts highlights. 

  1. Taking Aligned And Inspired Action To Strengthen Your Intuition 

The final step is making the decision to do something to start the momentum. Aligned action is moving in a direction that serves you, humanity, and your ultimate vision of what it means to live a fulfilled life.

Radical self-confidence is taking action EVEN WHEN you’re feeling fear and anxiety. You take action and say yes because you know on the other side of fear is your dream coming true. Roberts knows how challenging it can be to make that initial decision as she dealt with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other conditions due to unresolved trauma from her past. And in 2019, she experienced a life-altering phenomenon that encouraged her to take action which inevitably led her to where she is today.

“I turned my mess into my medicine. I knew if I could do it, anyone could do it. I decided that I would share my wisdom with the world and became obsessed with learning how to help others turn their life around too,” Roberts emphasizes. 

A true lightworker, Roberts is a beaming individual and knew from a young age she was meant for something big and beyond her own consciousness. She is helping beautiful souls move forward from limiting beliefs to experience paradigm shifts that elevate the quality of their lives. 

If you’re ready to awaken your higher self and take your brand, business, and mindset to the next level, get in touch with Kara Roberts and sign up to see her live at the Be It Until You Become It Mastermind event.

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