Plant Seeds For Growth Live Beach Retreat In 2025 With Inspirational Speaker, Author & Mindset Coach Linda Xochitl Avalos


Aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs are having to adapt to newer environments socially, economically and digitally, facing rather unfamiliar obstacles. With content constantly being mass produced & redistributed across the internet daily, the bar is raised and the level of competition increases. Because of this, it has left many in the dark not knowing how to cut through the noise, nor how to overcome the new and unforeseen challenges that arise.

This upcoming year in 2025, you’ll have the opportunity to unplug from all that noise at Linda’s Plant Seeds For Growth Live Beach Retreat where you’ll experience a great sense of community, create powerful breakthroughs, and receive guidance from Linda herself. Through this intimate event you will leave feeling refreshed, confident and more connected! You may even meet your next BFF! Everything is designed to embrace 2025 with expansion in mind, sprinkling in some yoga, meditation, dancing, mindset, planning and more – at the beach in Southern California!

You will dive deep into the inner beauty of the “self” along with endless ocean views of bliss. This ambiance is the ultimate form of relaxation to help you unwind and detach from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Everyday there will be time to connect with your body, mind and soul. “As a seasoned Mindset Coach with over 17 years of experience, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of immersive experiences. That’s what this retreat is all about.” Linda shares.

With an extensive background and study in human behavior, psychology, effective communication, personal development, real estate, and finance, she discovered her passion for coaching, thus attracting popular figures eager and seeking her guidance. Linda doesn’t know just how to read people, she understands them. Linda advises business owners & entrepreneurs when their relationship issues are causing an impact at work, decreasing productivity and impacting finances.

Linda’s motto is “the life you’ve seen is not the life you have to live”. She is a master at reading people, understanding them and helping them navigate their journey with ease. Her work certainly stands as testimony to her success as she’s taught thousands of clients how to attract the life they desire and co-create powerful breakthroughs by taking bold action, to live life as leaders in their family, communities, and the world.

Her work certainly stands as testimony to her success as she’s taught thousands of clients how to attract the life they desire and create powerful breakthroughs by taking bold action, allowing one to live life as leaders in their family, communities, and the world.

She has gone on and published: “21 Days of Gratitude: A Daily Workbook to Live an Inspired Life with Your Angels”, co-authored “365 Days of Angel Prayers” and the EBook: “The Top 10 Actions to Take Immediately After a BreakUp”, including 4 books she is now writing on relationships with family.

Her struggles with understanding her parents’ relationship had affected her own relationship with finances, her partners and herself. Her perseverance and desire to have a life better than she could have imagined allowed her to transition from a day job ten years ago to an entrepreneur working from home, three blocks from the beach and helping her clients fulfill their life purpose. Even though Linda had wealth in the family, went to private school and received a college education, she felt she didn’t learn much about life, nor how to navigate her emotions with the twists and turns the journey of life would present.

These experiences allowed her to grow into the very person she is today as she guides her clients to better, more fulfilled, and happier lives. After asking Linda about her clients and the effectiveness of her methodologies in her coaching, she shared “80% of my clients have at least 1 breakthrough in each session”.

Recognition and words from some of Linda’s clients:

“I am so thankful I attended Linda’s Science of Love workshop. She helped me recognize my own values and notice when I set expectations for myself based on other people’s values. She helped me transform how I perceive people and situations. I now feel confident in strengthening my current relationships and in creating new ones.” – Natalia Cinco

“Linda guides me to learning more about myself, especially by identifying and releasing self-sabotaging beliefs. I am always listened to with an open heart and always feel validated. There have been tough times in my life; she gently and in simple terms guides me back in touch with my True self.” – Claudia Barraza

“I have been to countless therapists, psychiatrists; hypnotherapists to work on breaking free of this toxic relationship, and inevitably never gained any insight. In 4 hours working with Linda, I was taught a simple, pragmatic way to see the truth of what I was doing… and why I couldn’t seem to let go of the pain and guilt.” – Elizabeth Wilson

“I left feeling absolutely amazing and ready to take on the world again. Linda just helped me Level up!” – DeMarcus Eckford

“Linda is amazing! She helped me immensely with my visions and missions in life and gave me clarity on my goals. She is super easy to connect with and made it comfortable to share some of my works in progress. Highly recommend it!” – Danny Balboa

“I can honestly say her outlook and perspective gave me a positive understanding on how to approach life and circumstances better. It’s truly amazing what Linda does.” -Dominic Washington

Linda now travels throughout the world doing what she loves by transforming and inspiring lives through her workshops, in-person events, online programs, books, interviews, audio tapes, music & more. “I live my life as a vacation!”, she comments.

Want to Book your spot? Send an email to and Write in the Subject: “Beach Retreat”. You will be notified first when registration opens in Summer 2024! Spaces are limited, so send an email today, before life squirrels you away.

Connect with her on social media to stay updated on her first ever live retreat and visit her website to create a winning roadmap for your business, life, and mindset today.


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