NASCAR Podcasts We Love That are Both Popular and Underrated

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Growing up on the West Coast, NASCAR wasn’t a sport I was initially drawn to. I didn’t consider it a sport at all. However, my perspective has dramatically shifted over time, and much of that change can be attributed to the immersive world of NASCAR podcasts.

Car racing is a real sport. No joke.

NASCAR podcasts have really drawn us into the sport.

These audio experiences have deepened my appreciation for the sport but also connected me with a community I might not otherwise agree with.

Dive into the world of NASCAR with me and discover how they might change your perspective on the sport, just as they did for mine. Or, if you’re already a fan, but aren’t listening to the podcasts, let them enhance your love of the sport.

Why Listen to NASCAR-Related Podcasts?

If you’re anything like me, and I’m sorry if you are, you might not have initially given NASCAR the time of day. Let me tell you, once you get into this community, it’s a game-changer.

These podcasts aren’t just about who won the race or the latest standings, though, that is covered. They’re a backstage pass to the whole NASCAR scene. You get the juicy stories, the behind-the-scenes gossip, and insights that you just can’t pick up from watching the races alone.

I honestly did not know how much of a soap opera these guys (and occasional women) were creating while making a lot of left-hand turns. Maybe that has to do with the podcast scene. I don’t know if all that drama and bumper-throwing would exist without the podcasts.

Let’s start our engines and explore the captivating track together. Yeah, that was cheesy.

Popular Professional NASCAR Podcasts

Okay, these are the 800 pound gorillas in the podcast space. We’ll call these the “official” NASCAR productions. They feature drivers and insiders.

They are often produced by NASCAR itself or a major sports shop like ESPN. This is not to say anything negative about the shows. On the contrary, these are a great place to start to:

  • Learn the Ropes: These podcasts give the listener the facts, the gossip, the culture. In short, they are perfect for those just learning about NASCAR as well as seasoned veterans who may have missed a race.
  • Community Feels: Listening to these podcasts, you become part of a community that shares your passion for speed and competition. It’s always good to be an insider. You want to know what’s going on beyond the pits.

In short, if you don’t have the time to dive deeper, ensure you’ve got these in your queue.

The Dale Jr. Download Series of NASCAR Podcasts

Yeah… Jr. Petty and Earnheart are legacy names in the racing world. Now, there isn’t a list of podcasts about car racing or NASCAR that aren’t going to feature this one.

Do we only care about Jr. because of his Dad?

It’s not just the Intimidator. It’s not that black No. 3.

And it isn’t simply because of his lineage. He’s not a nepobaby. The guy had 26 wins with a couple of Daytona 500s in there. That’s not exactly easy. And as a broadcaster, or podcaster, Dale Earnhardt Jr is surprisingly charismatic.

He’s honestly going to have a better career doing this than he did racing. And that’s saying something.

NASCAR on NBC Podcast

If you are looking for the facts, and just the facts… or really, if you want the “news,” then this is a podcast you’ve got to have on your list. It feels like a sports news program. It’s NBC Sports, after all, so that’s what I’d expect. I’d be disappointed if it weren’t that familiar “I can catch up on this before I go to bed,” sport format.

Like, who doesn’t remember doing that with Sports Center?

Host Nate Ryan brings on a number of analysts and former drivers to discuss the sport’s current events. Not a ton of opining on this one, but if you want a weekly NASCAR pod, that brings you up to speed on the racing in an explanatory fashion, this one is for you.

Door Bumper Clear

Is your favorite driver doing well? Chances are that’s because they’ve got a phenomenal spotter. If you don’t know what a spotter is, they are in charge of telling the driver what the traffic is doing. If they’re coming up on lapped traffic, if they are looking at an upcoming caution, or how close the next driver is.

This is another aspect I did not realize. Just how much of a team sport race car driving is.

Brett Griffin (no relation), T.J. Majors and Freddie Kraft (along with Cary Boat), are veteran professional spotters who break this sport down from a perspective that you aren’t going to see in front of the camera weekly.

Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin

Earnhardt isn’t the only driver with a podcast.

The man is going to speak his truth. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes a “lot of people are saying” they don’t agree. He’s a polarizing guy. No question.

Denny and Jared Allen is a weekly podcast that breaks down what just happened… from Denny’s perspective. Do I have an opinion about drivers? Yeah, but that’s NASCAR racing.

Regardless, I can recognize the talent in podcasting, and you will too.

NASCAR Live with Mike Bagley

Mike knows a thing or two about racing. He’s a turn commentator after all for MRN, the motor sports network. Turn two specifically. A lot more goes on in turn two than you’d assume. I didn’t know that.

To be honest before I started listening to these podcasts, I didn’t know what a turn commentator was. Much less what the Motor Racing Network is.

This is another podcast that’s more fact, or news-based. Though those aren’t exactly the same, it’s usually pretty agreeable what happened in the corners. Mike makes sure we know. Thanks, Mike.

Some honorable mentions from MRN are NASCAR Coast to Coast, MRN Classic Races, and MRN Crew Call (because it’s a team sport).

Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie

Because it’s a team sport, the drivers themselves seem to have some time to podcast. It’s like being a senator, except you’re also working on your conditioning.

Honestly, I don’t know if having active drivers doing race talk on their own shows, throwing shade on other drivers. Getting in their heads. It seems odd, but maybe it’s a throwback to the outlaw nature of NASCAR itself. I’m going to find an historian to check that theory out.

Anyway, our venerated number 7 driver delivers entertaining NASCAR talk that is, at the same time, insightful. He’s a professional, so, of course.

If you want some drama and gossip about Kyle Busch or when NASCAR turned into a human demolition derby by SVG, listen to this episode where Christopher Bell stops by to shoot the breeze. It’s a phenomenal example of the show Corey is putting together. If you like Joe Rogan, you’re going to like SP.

Hidden Gems: Underrated NASCAR Pods

Let’s shift focus a little bit and shine some light on those underrated NASCAR podcasts that are flying under the radar. These shows might not have the massive listener base of the big names, but they pack a punch with their content and deserve a spot in your listening queue.

If you love the sport or are curious about its origins, you should check these shows out.

The Final Lap Weekly – Your Mancave NASCAR Podcasts Embodied

It always comes down to the final few laps. You can DVR the whole race, and there are only so many laps that inform who gets the victory. Just ask Rajah. Legend.

This one’s a hidden treasure in the podcasting world. It offers a unique blend of humor, news, and race recaps that keep you entertained and informed. If you love NASCAR and have a good laugh, this podcast is for you.

They know their stuff, so if you need your NASCAR news irreverent or your fantasy NASCAR picks and race preview for the week… this is your podcast.

Just a couple of guys.

In The Draft Show – NASCAR Talk

Hosts Wilson and Waz. Boy are they fun. And well-informed.

Like most sports, NASCAR has a fanbase with a surge of critiques of the organization anytime there’s a change made. Here, because most people don’t understand the nuance, In the Draft makes for some very entertaining listening.

It’s one of those shows you find yourself saying “yeah, what’s that all about?!” Or emphatically raising your fist in solidarity with their opinions, even if you don’t quite understand why. That is just solid listening.

Their description of the pod doesn’t do it justice. I’m definitely keeping this one in the queue and am already looking forward to their season preview. And, as of this writing, we’re like 5 weeks into the season. The guys are good.

Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Now, speaking of divisive figures in the world of motorsports, especially NASCAR, I learned that Danica Patrick has a podcast while researching this post.

Now, here’s the catch. It’s not exactly a NASCAR podcast. It’s more of a self-help style of motivational podcast. Meaning, in addition to having a broadcast, an Indycar career, and something of a field filler career in NASCAR, she’s completely shifted focus.

I for one, am a fan. The world of NASCAR is becoming more inclusive. Including West Coast people. Expanding the market in Las Vegas. Changing up the course at Fontana, CA.

What’s wrong with a little positive motivation? She is divisive, but give it a chance. Change is the only constant. Especially on road courses and short tracks.

Racing Writers Podcast

I firmly believe every sports fan is a history nerd at heart. It’s why we know so many statistics or have so many stories about our sport of choice. Great sports stories are purely history. 30 for 30, anyone?

That’s why the Racing Writers Podcast is such an underrated gem.

Kelly Crandall brings us the stories behind the legends behind the legendary deeds on the track. It’s not purely NASCAR, but if you like racing at all, you’ll want to add this one to your queue.

What Makes a Great NASCAR Podcast

Honestly, what makes a great NASCAR pod is the same as what makes any podcast great.

It’s not just about race recaps and driver stats. The best podcasts have a few things in common that keep us hitting that play button week after week.

  • Personality and Passion: The host’s enthusiasm can make or break a podcast. Great hosts breathe life into the sport, sharing their passion and excitement in a way that’s infectious. In short, authenticity.
  • Insider Knowledge: The top-notch podcasts often feature hosts with insider access who can share behind-the-scenes details, offer expert analysis, and bring in guests with firsthand NASCAR experience.
  • Engaging Content: Whether it’s breaking down the latest race, discussing team strategies, or debating the sport’s hottest topics, the content needs to be engaging and thought-provoking to keep listeners coming back. You have to be a good storyteller. A good interviewer.
  • Community Interaction: The best shows create a sense of community, encouraging listener interaction through Q&A sessions, fan polls, and social media engagement. It makes fans feel like part of the show. Audience building.
  • Production Quality: Good sound quality, consistent posting schedules, and professional editing go a long way in making a podcast enjoyable and reliable. In short, don’t blow the audio. We can help with that as well.

A blend of information and entertainment.

They create a listening experience that’s both enjoyable and enlightening. They’re the ones that make you feel like you’re hanging out talking NASCAR with good friends.

Now that we’ve revved up our knowledge of what makes a podcast stand out, shall we explore how to keep up with all these great NASCAR shows?

How to Keep Up With NASCAR Podcasts

I want to preface this by saying this is not unique to NASCAR, but if this is the first time you’re visiting our site, I know we want to be as helpful as possible.

Sports podcasts can be difficult to keep up with because they publish more frequently than others. Their subject matter only happens on the weekend.

With new episodes speeding in every week, you’ll want to stay in the loop without getting overwhelmed.

  • Use Podcast Aggregators: Apps like Apple Podcasts or Spotify compile your favorite shows in one place, making it easy to subscribe, download, and listen on the go.
  • Set Notifications: Turn on notifications for new episodes so you never miss out. Many podcast apps allow you to customize alerts to be the first to hear the latest discussions.
  • Engage with Podcasts on Social Media: Follow your favorite shows and hosts on platforms like Twitter (X), Facebook, and Instagram. You will get updates on new episodes and be part of the broader NASCAR podcast community, sharing in discussions and fan insights. And who doesn’t enjoy arguing on social media? C’mon.

If you stay involved in the community, you’ll remember to stay on top of your favorite shows. And, hey, if you miss a show? You can always go back and catch up. It’s not life or death. If you talk to the creators, it’s important that you’re on point, but don’t beat yourself up.

If get out of the habit, you can pick it back up.


Let’s tackle some frequently asked questions that might be revving in your mind. Some of these might be obvious to experienced podcast listeners, but experienced NASCAR fans nurtured my interest and explained everything as if I were 5.

We’ll do the same here.

How can I find new NASCAR podcasts to listen to?

Well, we just went through a list of some pretty damned good podcasts. If you’ve listened to all of those, you can reach out to us on X (Twitter), or Facebook, as we’ll be updating this list as we go on.

Are there podcasts that cover live NASCAR races?

Sure are! Though, sadly, most don’t seem to be set up for that. This may be one of the only times I directly recommend satellite radio with Sirius XM. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but if you can’t plant yourself on the sofa, the NASCAR channel on Sirius is worth it.

If you have a recent car, there’s a fair chance that you already have the equipment onboard to set up the service.

Can I interact with these podcasts directly?

Yeah, of course. We live in a social media world. You can interact with us/me on X or Facebook anytime you’d like. Eastern time.

Many NASCAR podcasts encourage listener interaction. You can send in questions, participate in polls, or even get mentioned on the show. Engaging through social media or the podcast’s website is a great way to get involved.

Remember, these podcasters want you as a part of their audience. Interact as much as you can.

Do I need to pay for NASCAR podcasts?

Not very often. Most podcasts are monetized by ads and sponsorships. In addition to affiliate marketing. That means, most often the content is free.

If you’re in a position to pay something, especially for independent podcast creators, some podcasts will offer a paid tier where you get the content without ads, or some other benefit. Often through Patreon.

How often are new episodes released?

It varies by podcast. Some release episodes weekly, others after every race, and some may have a more sporadic schedule. Check the podcast’s listing for details on episode frequency.

But its a weekly sport. The big podcasts post most weeks. The independent podcasts tend to post more frequently.


Again, I’ll be completely honest. Growing up, I couldn’t have possibly cared less about this sport. Not only is this post about excellent podcasts, it’s about personal growth. And institutional growth.

Seriously, I couldn’t tell Ryan Blaney from Chase Elliott. I may not be able to right now. They rattle off those sponsors in the interviews so quick that it’s really a gift to hear these guys slow down and have a deeper, analytical, conversation on these podcasts.

An interview when you’re exhausted is pretty rough when you have to plug every sponsor. But these athletes do it. For me. For you. Let’s subscribe to their podcasts.

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