Jesse Palmer on the Chances of ABC Dropping ‘Golden Bachelorette’ and ‘Golden Paradise’

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The Golden Bachelor is the best thing to happen to the Bachelor franchise in several moments, and fans want more. More specifically, they want The Golden Bachelorette, and while we’re at it, Golden Paradise.

ABC hasn’t announced plans to green light either show, but host Jesse Palmer was asked about the possibility of both by Entertainment Tonight and made it sound like The Golden Bachelorette *could* be coming. At least, he’s here for it.

“I really hope we do it. I’ve been clamoring for it as well,” he said. “I just love the group of women on Gerry’s season. I can’t single one out specifically. I think there’s a number that would be phenomenal Golden Bachelorettes, and that are very deserving of that opportunity.”

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“I would also love to see a mansion full of 70-something-year-old guys just trying to fix everything around the mansion all day with their hands down their pants,” Jesse added. “Snoring and falling asleep on the couch during the day. I think it’d be pretty compelling, actually, to watch. I’m on the edge of my seat just like everybody else waiting to find out if this is something that’s going to happen or not.”

When it comes to Golden Paradise, Jesse kept things a little less vague / teaser-y, simply joking “Golden Paradise in a retirement home in Naples, Florida, I think sounds incredible.”

Reminder that The Golden Bachelor airs its season final on November 20, which means either Leslie and Theresa could be available for Golden Bachelorette. Just saying!

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