It’s Time To Shine: Power Coach Rebecca Keselburg Inspires Women To Reach New Heights

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It is time to live the life you were created to live. To discover the calling and purpose you were born with. To step into your power and make an impact on the world. This is the message Rebecca Keselburg is giving the world. 

There’s light when Rebecca Keselburg speaks. Sitting, chatting about her life and work, you immediately sense a depth and strength running below the surface of her words. A brightness and an energy that feels bigger than the small rooms we are sitting in.

Researching her before writing this article, I thought I was simply going to interview another coach working with women in their second half of life. But halfway through our conversation, I wanted to stop her to ask if she realized how impressive she is. Her humility and passion for pushing other people to the forefront of their careers are evident, but she seems unaware of the power emanating from her as we speak. Listening intently to her wisdom, I see a person who offers hope and direction in a world where people feel lost and floundering. And her work feels especially important after the two years of pandemic chaos we have all had to navigate. 

Keselburg’s gift may be to inspire others to shine through her business, Inspiring Your Shine, but while interviewing her, I can not shake the sense that this is Keselburg’s time. It’s her time to shine. Time for her to step out of the wings and for more people to see the powerhouse she is and the change she can create in those privileged enough to cross paths with her.

After spending years working in child care and then in network marketing, five years ago Keselburg felt a distinct tug on her heart to shift focus and career. Sensing a deep calling from God to add value to the world, she qualified as a coach and started working with people, particularly mothers, searching for ways to impact the world. 

“I work with women who have grown and started to feel like the career they’ve been doing was purely a means for survival,” explains Keselburg. “They come to me when they’re ready to discover what impact they can make on the world.”

Being a person who creates a positive impact in the world is a core value for Keselburg and a key driver in her work. She believes that God has a purpose for each of us, describing the calling God has placed in our hearts as our “seed of power.” It is this seed of power that we often lose sight of. This sets us in survival mode. Discovering, getting back to, and nurturing that seed of power is where thriving and abundance exist, and Keselburg is committed to helping others thrive.    

“I believe every one of us has a calling in our lives. We’re all supposed to make an impact. So I help people to own and understand how they’re knitted together. I help them to align with their God-given purpose. Then I empower them to build a brand out of that,” says Keselburg. This has resulted in hundreds of women building successful online businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Keselburg draws on her “Five P” methodology when working with her clients. Time is spent unpacking and understanding their personality, powers, passion, pain, and past experiences. With the awareness created in these areas, Keselburg works with her clients to find direction and develop concrete steps to unpack their calling. “By combining the five Ps, we see what they’re qualified to do,” she explains. “By tapping into their vulnerabilities, what they’ve been through, and uncovering what they have had to overcome, we can then see how these can be a huge asset in their lives.”    

Combined with the groundbreaking work Keselburg does with her clients, she has also created resources so more people can access her power teachings. She has created a number of online courses, such as her acclaimed Authentically You Social Selling Success Academy, that women from around the world can access and grow from.   

She also hosts a regular Inspiring Your Shine podcast, sharing inspiration and practical wisdom to help women find their true drive and build businesses that are both fulfilling and profitable.

Post-Covid, Keselburg’s work is especially important. The pandemic created fear and apprehension around the future for people. “I think people just stopped thinking about the future because it felt so uncertain and scary,” she says. “Now it’s time to recognize that the only thing that will change this is for all of us to keep taking our actions and shining a light on the world. Nothing will change unless we stand up and be the voice to encourage and do whatever we do best.” As we enter this new phase of the world, Keselburg believes that there is nothing that can keep us from doing what we need to do.

Already inspired by our time together, I ask Keselburg for one final thought about how she sees the world and the work she does. 

“You matter,” she says matter-of-factly. “And because you’re not showing up, the world is less. It’s time for you to start looking in the mirror and saying that you are worthy of great things happening to you and others.”

I leave our conversation determined to show up. 

Perhaps it’s time for you to work out how to be a person of impact and to create a business that sees you thriving and living your authentic self. Then book a discovery call with Rebecca Keselburg. Who knows what greatness awaits you?

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