Are Indie Podcasters Actually The Future Of The Industry?

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One Company Is Trying to Find Out

At Discover Pods, we’ve always been trying to point our readers in the direction of smaller, indie podcasters. We like the underdog. After all, the owners are Padre fans, and until very recently, that meant a lifetime of rooting for the underdog.

But how much do we really know about each podcaster and what they need? We’ve spoken before about how easy it is to start a podcast. A setup can cost less than $100. Beyond that, do we know enough about what it takes to keep a show going?

We know the major players in the game. We know the dominant publishers as companies, but we don’t know all that much about the creators themselves and what they require.

Where do indie podcasters as creators fall in this space?
Indie Podcasters Don’t Show Up in the Available Data

What do indie podcasters really need?

Well, we just don’t have the data. One site, The Podcast Host, is looking to do the first in-depth look at just what our smaller, solo podcasters and indie podcasters need.

Discover Pods has decided to support that effort because, hey, we love our indie podcasters, and ensuring they succeed in the future is of great importance.

Long story short, the podcast industry as a whole is exploding. It’s expected to be a $4 billion dollar industry by 2024. The number of Americans alone who are familiar with podcasts has risen to 72% and by 2024 fully a third of the country is expected to be listening to podcasts regularly.

This is why it is so vitally important to Discover Pods, as a supporter of indie podcasters to help ensure they get their piece of this massively growing pie.

The survey can be found here and takes less than 10 minutes to fill out. If you consider yourself a solo podcaster or indie podcaster, take a few minutes and help fill the knowledge gap.

Indie Podcasters Unite!

Help Fill the Knowledge Gap

You can access the full press release from The Podcast Host here. Entries close December 7, 2023, so take 10 minutes to fill it out.

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