25 Homemade Sex Toys You Definitely Already Have Just Lying Around

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A Wooden Spoon

best homemade sex toys


Surprise, surprise: your kitchen can cook up a lot more than just dinner. Don’t want to buy a paddle or flogger for spanking? Try a wooden or bamboo spoon instead. Just make sure you and your partner test out the intensity and feel before incorporating it into play.


A Silicone Spatula

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If a wooden utensil sounds too intense for you, try a silicone spatula instead. The kitchen utensil is ideal for spanking beginners because of its soft material.


An Ice Cube Tray

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If you think you might be into temperature play, you can head straight to the freezer for a test run. All you have to do is gently rub ice cubes over nipples and genitalia for extra stimulation during solo or partnered sex. Bonus: Try it out during oral sex. Going back and forth between the heat of someone’s mouth versus the chill of the ice can put you into sensory overload.

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beguiling blackberry

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Speaking of what’s in your kitchen, let’s not forget the many ways you can incorporate food into your sex life. Tease each other with berries or drip ice cream, whipped cream, or chocolate syrup on your partner’s torso then lick it off (just don’t insert any food into/around the genitals to avoid infection).


Masking Tape

adhesive tapes moving forward

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Remember when Christian not-so-casually bumped into Ana at Clayton’s hardware store and bought some masking tape? This BDSM essential is used for everything from cuffs to gags to putting your sexy book back together after accidentally dropping it in the tub mid-bath (just me?). If you don’t want to risk the tape getting stuck in your hair or skin, Babeland has a tape option that only sticks to itself if you’re down to do some shopping.

Body pillows are great for sleeping…but they’re also great for many ~other things~, like pillow humping. The extra-long length and plush support makes for a great DIY toy to straddle and ride to climax in bed.

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If you don’t have a blindfold or a scarf, a sleep mask works just as well—and maybe even better since it’s more likely to stay in place. This top-rated silk eye mask on Amazon is a good option if you don’t already have one at home.

Earplugs can be great for BDSM sensory play as a way to help build arousal, anticipation, and even mystery during sex. If you’re both into consensual BDSM and sense play, you can couple this with a blindfold or sleep mask, tie your partner up, and put the earplugs in.


Any Board Game

closeup of colorful ludo tokens with dices on white background

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You’ve heard of strip poker, but did you know you can make basically any classic board game a sex game? Write down different sex acts on Jenga pieces, and each time you pull a tile, enact what the block says. Or play Monopoly, but barter with sexual favors if you can’t pay the rent. While it’s not technically a toy, when you write your own rules, you can low-key make anything happen (also, shuffling cards on a bare butt does feel some kind of way).

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red and white mint candys

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Another food item you might’ve overlooked? Mints. Sucking on a mint before oral sex can add a cool, tingly sensation for your partner.

Wax play isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Whether you’re using massage candles like this body-safe candle from Maude or a regular candle, wax play can be a sexy foreplay activity that encourages you and your partner to slow it down. Just make sure the candles you’re using aren’t beeswax, as they will burn your skin.


A Removable Showerhead

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If you have a removable showerhead, try masturbating with it and let the warm water spray your clit. Just keep things external and make sure you’re not actually, like, hosing your vagina out. And if your shower doesn’t already have one, It may be time to invest in a removable showerhead from Amazon, wink wink.

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Baby Oil

best homemade sex toys


If you don’t have any legit massage candles at the ready, you can use baby oil to massage yourself or your partner before sex. Getting oiled up can be super erotic and not only that, but a massage itself can be a great turn on to add during foreplay.


A Chair

Cheerful Couple Making Out In Kitchen


Who says you need a partner to ride ’em, cowgirl? Find yourself a sturdy chair, stack some pillows on the seat, and hold on to the back of the chair for stability while you ride yourself off into the sunset (aka orgasm).


A Table

White chairs at wooden dining table

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One of the most underrated household items when it comes to sex: the humble table. Being propped up on a table can make penetrative sex way easier for you and a partner if you’re of different heights (free sex pillow, haaay!) and allows you to control the depth of penetration, in case certain horizontal positions make your cervix feel like it’s the end of days.

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Generally speaking, nothing in your pantry or refrigerator should go in/near your vagina. But coconut oil, which is literally the solution to every problem, is an exception. Coconut oil can be used as lube, as long as you don’t use latex condoms (which the oil causes to break down). The oil melts to a liquid more slick and long-lasting than traditional water-based lubes as it heats up. Also, it smells like coconuts: a true win-win.


A Metal Spoon

Directly Above Shot Of Tea In Cup On Pink Background

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Grab a spoon, warm up the metal between your hands, and then rub the round part in a circular motion on your clit when you’re sick of using your own fingers. Slap some coconut oil on for some DIY lube, and you’ve got a sex toy made of everyday kitchen supplies.


An Exercise Ball

Side View Of Young Woman With Arms Raised Sitting On Fitness Ball Against White Background

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Who knew the exercise ball you haven’t touched in years could have such a sexy renaissance moment? There are a ton of positions you can do exclusively with an exercise ball that feel unlike anything else out there. You can thank having to balance on a moving object for that.

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paperclips on white background

mcwhitey//Getty Images

Whether you’re a nipple clamp novice or just misplaced your favorite pair, paperclips are a great sex toy to incorporate in a pinch (lol). Simply clip them onto your nipples (or a partner’s) and see if you’re a fan of the sensation. Have your partner lick or flick your nipples while wearing the clips to elevate the experience further.


A Necktie

Selection of ties on white background, front view.

Jaime Chard//Getty Images

Easier to maneuver than your favorite chunky-knit scarf (and probably much less itchy), a necktie is a great last-minute substitute for sexy handcuffs AND it also works as a blindfold. Use it to restrain a partner to a bed frame, cover their eyes to play up other senses, or use two to do both at the same time.

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